my weekend

weekend help my dad in garden thegrass the wather we grass grou up and my sister emanula a stefania good work they sundey like go church the my family beaucuse cristian religion cross important jeus sing, prayer, and Italy comiunity dress white

at the weekend

On Saturday go to my grandma house for tea and on my grandma tablet. On Sunday go to skirlington market for dinner chips and chicken nuggets from fish and chips shop and we by some cookies and we by some sweet than we see Morgan pet and a sport car. than we go home we watch a movies.

Easter Holiday

I go to sewerby hall we did go to the cafe . than we did go to the ice cream shop. than we did go to look around sewerby hall grands . than we did go to sewesby hall house. Than we did see the annuals. we go to cinema we watch Shazam. I go to laffs we did cook . we did caef. . we did drama.
We did sing some song. we take beth to Simon house. we go to beach caif. I go to shopping with mum.