The Intestine

Hi! It’s Bradley again, I love to see inside small intestines they are my most favourite thing to talk about, what the villi does is it carries the food along with its villi and it also helps to break the food down, villi is pink and furry like a piece of carpet.
I’ll see you soon!


My Favourite Lesson

Hello, my name is Bradley and I like doing science at school, i like to see how hearts work, what the heart does is, it pumps the blood with its chambers, I also like to see inside my small intestine which has villi inside of it, villi are like little tentacle like things that move in a wavy sea like movement that moves the food around until it is in the large intestine.

i’ll tell you more about my exciting life soon!

By Bradley

Remembrance Day

We had a Remembrance Day and we had loads of poppies. We remembered all of the soldiers that died in the war and we had a look around the hall at all of the poppies that people had made, we sang a song and we waved some poppies while we were singing the song. We looked at the display boards.